IMS 2018, Minneapolis
I came to the International Motorcycle Show excited to see the new KTM models. I also wanted to see the Husqvarna variants. As always, I wanted to see more Ducatis as well. My father was with me and he wanted to see the Yamahas. Well, this was the worst IMS I’ve been to. Those four manufacturers weren’t here! I still got a lot of pictures, but none of them contend for my personal dream bike unfortunately.


Really nice looking Honda here. CB1000? I’m not sure. But it is very cool.

I’m sure Honda does everything the right way with this machine, but it sure don’t turn you on, huh?

Could I ride the Grom to work? Hehe.

I don’t like the white stripes. Older design queues.

Looks pretty good at the front end. I’d say to get rid of the dark orange accents and go all dark like Batman.

If nondescript is what you’re going for, here you go.

It would be nice to try one of these. I’ve never seen one at at demo. I imagine it has the Honda feel — quality work but no edge.

When I was at the show, I couldn’t decide if I liked the new look or felt like it was equal. But now, it does look fresh. I wonder if I’ll ever want a Goldwing.

How can I get one of these?

I got to ride a previous model year of the 250L. I was surprised how fine it felt at 70 MPH. It didn’t have any power left at that speed, but it wasn’t rattling my bones like a KTM 625 I tried out. The 250L had a really nice simplicity feeling to it when riding. It felt pure and innocent.

I don’t imagine this would have similar power to the Multistrada or KTM Superadventure, but I would like to try it since I presume it has a 1,200cc engine.

If you’re going to compete with BMW, you might as well get weird headlights, too, I guess…?

This bike has no appeal to me.

Change the colors and I’d probably kind of like it.

Gotta get a picture of the ugliest but most comfortable Harley.

When are they just going to give up on the dual headlights and squared fairing?

It’s almost cool.

Now, we’re talkin’. My wife doesn’t like sliding off the back for some reason. This is my favorite Harley look.

Very cool style I think, however I suspect front-end handling will feel heavy with that tire.

White walls and chrome get me every time. So pretty.

More cool than pretty.

I wonder who put this here since Husqvarna and KTM weren’t at the show! Grr!

I actually like this bike. It doesn’t fit my use cases, but it sounds like a nice package and it looks kinda cool.

Looks modern and utilitarian at the same time.

I wonder if this 800 makes as much power as my 1100 GS. A lighter bike with a narrower profile would be nice if everything else was the same. Well, also new instead of 20+ years old. I like that 800.

Hey, I should commute on this to work! Not.

More cool than practical? I mean, who wants to dump this bike on a gravel road?

It’s like artwork. I just stare at it for a while. Would be fun to try out.

Now, this I would commute on. 🙂

Let’s get serious.

I can picture myself on this before I’d get a Goldwing. It’s like a Lego motorcycle! It looks like you can pull all the pieces off.

Pretty, uh, pretty big motorcycle.

I test rode one of these a few years ago and kind of fell in love with it. The engine had so much unique charm and character. That windshield though….

Looks like it was punched in the face and is now missing its glasses.

This must be a fun bike. From what I’ve read and seen, it’s like a Multistrada but with a slightly higher-strung 1,000cc, inline-four instead. That probably means a little less torquey and a little more vibey. I haven’t been on one myself.

When I was on one of these years ago, I thought it was the best litre bike there was. I haven’t been following them for a while now, so I don’t care as much.

They should just make the VR headpiece a full helmet.

Don’t get any ideas.

That’s… a lot of buttons. Hmm, I think voice control is next.

Looks alright I think. It takes a lot of bike to hide an inline-six.

That blue is magnificent.

I’m not sure that I like the light brown with light blue. Maybe one of them should be dark. It’s still a looker though.

I like the front fender but the rear one looks odd without bags.

Now, that’s what Pete should get.

Not bad. Does not look like a young guy bike.

My heart speeds up a little bit whenever I see new 14’s.

The overhead lights make almost all paint look great. I would not seek out this color scheme, but if there was a big sale… hmm… I could probably live with it. 🙂

The handlebar is higher than a typical crotch rocket. I think this bike looks really sharp.

Super fun and super practical? Looks like they nailed it.

I’ll take four. Thanks.

The front end looks like it came out of an anime show. It’s weird and maybe cool…? It’s curious to say the least.

Well, well, well, you thought someone would want to ride fast and bring some gear? Only silly people would do that. *Looks around sheepishly*

I watched a video about this bike and apparently it’s more comfortable than the ZX-14 but can’t beat it in a straight line. “More comfortable” will be key for some people. That is the reason I don’t have a ZX-14 anymore. I like the look of this Kawi because it looks weird and cool at the same time. Looks like a bike not many people would have, so yours would feel unique.

Haha. Everything gets bigger in the US. 250cc wasn’t good enough, so then they made a 300cc. What’s this, now, 400cc? Sure. Pretty obtainable though. Five grand for a brand new crotch rocket that looks great and has the best blue? That’s a very marketable product.

The yellow throws me off and makes me think “Yamaha.” But now that I think about it, I guess Yamaha and Honda and Ducati haven’t been using yellow for a long time. Looks neat here, I just don’t think “Kawi” immediately.

Is that a wheel lock?

So many Kawis!

Looks pretty rad.

I’m still sad every year that Kawasaki doesn’t bring their demo truck to the Twin Cities. I would really like to try a Versys 1000.

Must be the Z1000. Lookin’ good.

I’ve never been a fan.

I guess Suzuki is trying yellow, too. Great riding position on these V-Stroms.

I didn’t sit on it.

This is for the people that want a BMW Nine-nineteen but would rather spend half as much.

I have sat on one of these at a demo day and it actually felt pretty good. I don’t really dig the dolphin/whale style though.

That’s actually handsome. Good job, Suzuki.

The rest of the pictures are custom bikes. Enjoy. I started off with my favorite one.

I really like this green and white contrast.

I feel like Van Helsing should be mounted on this thing.

I’d buy it.

Freaky cool.

I like this one second best.